titleA new year a new beginning, this seems to be on the mind of a lot of people. The results of a survey from the institute of leadership and management shows that 37 % of workers are planning to try their luck in another organization. What is it that these people hope to find in a new job? A big group (59 % of the people that want to move) hope that a move will lead to career progression, others hope for better pay (56%), a more interesting job (50%), better management (30%), more opportunity for training/development more opportunity for flexible working (18%).

Start when the year is still fresh. Make time and plan time in your diary to think strategically on how to work your business. What is going on in the business that needs to be changed? How can you use your own staff to come up with fresh ideas, which in turn can be a motivational tool in itself. Are your business objectives needing further development or just needing to be brushed off and shared with everyone so that every employee in the company feels an integral part of the organisation. Every employee’s efforts count towards the business goals. Are your staff aligned in the proper way to be as effective as possible? Do you need more staff or need to let go some staff now the craziness of Christmas has passed.

Whatever your situation, having someone to bounce ideas off of and look at things from a fresh perspective can be very helpful. Are you on the hunt for new talent, do you finally want to run that training programme that has been on the wish list or do you want some help with facilitating a workshop on finalising your business objectives.

For an initial exploratory chat please contact Donna Bryson on 0141-582-1474 or email her in the first instance on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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