altLeadership might be hard enough as it is but with a world that seems to change quicker every day leadership may get even harder. On researching future competencies vital to successful leaders, we thought we would share our new wisdom with you so you could maybe benefit from it as well.

Not only is the world changing very quickly, in a way the world seems also to be getting smaller. The internet enables firms to send information to a large amount of the population and modern transport allows people to hop between countries with ease. Our research shows that future leaders need to think globally, being able to see across the boarders and search for opportunities internationally. Hand in hand with that one goes being able to appreciate cultural diversity, being able to not only appreciate but also being open to bring cultural diversity in the organization can help you in a lot of ways. Being able to handle technology is vital to keep up to date with what happens in the world, after all it is technology that makes it possible for you to have a video conference call, with someone in Sydney, saving you on both time and money. Looking at the current market place, more and more companies are joining together to collaboratively offer enhanced services to prospective clients, where a necessity is being able to build (lasting) partnership is an important point in this list. Not only is this vital for those that you are partnering with, but also in tapping into useful resources for future development. The final point to mention is that of shared leadership. How do you as a leader facilitate this shared approach?

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