titleUnderstanding and managing a disciplinary meeting is something that is not very high on the wish list for most of us. It is always quite a difficult situation to have to address and when you are not sure of the process nor indeed confident you have covered all eventualities this can add even more stress.

Like with many of the least favourite activities we just sweep it under the carpet in the hope it will never happen. Although this kind of approach might work for some things, it is probably not the best way to handle disciplinary cases and processes.

Getting into industrial tribunal cases can be more expensive and time consuming than you might expect. Looking at some UK cases from the past years we want to highlight some cases where considerable sums of money were paid out in compensation:

Management of the Disciplinary Process: £126,348
Sex Discrimination: £557,039
Race Discrimination: £209,188
Unfair Dismissal, Sex Discrimination and Disability Discrimination: £ 360,179

Although this is only a small selection of many tribunal cases that come up every year as these results show, the costs can be quite high. In order to get up to date with how to prevent these kind of cases and how to handle them properly £ 125 is a small investment to prevent a higher cost.For more information on the actual cases click here.
On the 26th of May Clearwater Brookes runs the course in understanding the disciplinary process.
Please join Clearwater Brookes Ltd for :A Day of Discipline!

1. Understand the philosophy behind any disciplinary policy.
2. Understand the roles that need to be undertaken.
3. Feel confident about undertaking an investigation and hearing.
4. Stages of the Disciplinary process and managing each stage.
5. The appeal process Discussion on "What if" scenarios.
6. Q & A session with a specialist employment lawyer.
This workshop has been developed to give delegates practical skills and techniques through experiential learning and reflective practices
For more information and to book the tickets click here.

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