Clearwater Brookes Ltd is an HR Solutions Company and our mission is to support clients in building their businesses and effectiveness through organisational and people development.

We develop a strong partnership with clients, assisting them in defining priorities, developing skills and processes to improve the effectiveness of their staff, their organisation and create end to end solutions that ensure the success of their business.

Clearwater Brookes consultants have worked with executives, managers and employees to develop understanding and skills within all industry sectors to facilitate business success and employee satisfaction.  We have found that client success most often comes when our services are adapted to fit the organisation’s specific need, goals and culture and it is this approach which enables Clearwater Brookes to work in close partnership with clients. We work with the business to ensure the solution is right for them and adopt a holistic perspective ensuring that there is a clear understanding of impact on all areas of the organisation.

We firmly believe that ongoing organisational growth and harmony is through people.  In supporting employees effectively within the organisation and equally, as they leave the organisation, demonstrates both to those that are leaving the organisation, as well as those that are staying that the organisation is professional, people orientated and still a great place to work.