How would you score your Management Skills?  1 = Poor   10 = The Best

Are you a Manager? Do you run a team of Managers? Are you good at what you do? Could you be better?

Many managers are uncomfortable in their role. Not because they can’t manage but mainly because they haven’t been given enough training from their company to do their own job correctly.

Performance management and dealing with under performers is THE top skills gap in UK companies. Dealing with personnel, difficult conversations and potential conflict to find the root cause of underperformance can be daunting, even for experienced managers.

Clearwater Brookes can bridge that gap through management training, executive coaching or indeed help you establish a performance management system within your organisation.  Click here to find out more on the courses/coaching we offer.

So how do you rate you or your managers out of 10?  If they are any less than 10 they need our help.

Specialist Management Courses from only £100 per person plus vat

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