What are your company goals for 2016?
Still a Happy New Year? It’s a brand new year and February is upon us. How has business in 2016 been for you so far? Now that the holiday season is over, we have made our business goals for the year ahead, for our people, our processes and our revenue.  Our most important resources are our people, what can we do to assist them in reaching company goals?

Create new habits

Take a few minutes to look around. What do you see? The same observations as last year that you highlighted, processes needing revamped, no time to review the market to find new ways of sourcing people, employees demotivated?

Why not create a new way of doing things? Create a new business habit? Throw out the old behaviours and focus on a new horizon, a permanent change, with clear objectives set and a focused strategy on how to reach them.

This is the perfect time of the year to reflect on the areas of accomplishment in your organisation and highlight the key areas that require change in order to improve.
Some of the areas that require change may include recruitment? Where the goal is to attract and hire individuals in key roles who have the advanced skills, knowledge, and experience that your organisation will need in the future.  Or it could be training and development to optimise performance and realise potential? What better way to celebrate next New Year than knowing you had increased sales, employee engagement and increased customer satisfaction. Clearwater Brookes are here to assist you to make sure you reach all your business goals in 2016 and beyond.

So what are the results you want?
Who do you need to involve to make this happen?
Can you do this internally? Or do you need external support?
To have a free initial discussion contact Donna Bryson on 0141 582 1474
titleUnderstanding and managing a disciplinary meeting is something that is not very high on the wish list for most of us. It is always quite a difficult situation to have to address and when you are not sure of the process nor indeed confident you have covered all eventualities this can add even more stress.

Like with many of the least favourite activities we just sweep it under the carpet in the hope it will never happen. Although this kind of approach might work for some things, it is probably not the best way to handle disciplinary cases and processes.

Getting into industrial tribunal cases can be more expensive and time consuming than you might expect. Looking at some UK cases from the past years we want to highlight some cases where considerable sums of money were paid out in compensation:

Management of the Disciplinary Process: £126,348
Sex Discrimination: £557,039
Race Discrimination: £209,188
Unfair Dismissal, Sex Discrimination and Disability Discrimination: £ 360,179

Although this is only a small selection of many tribunal cases that come up every year as these results show, the costs can be quite high. In order to get up to date with how to prevent these kind of cases and how to handle them properly £ 125 is a small investment to prevent a higher cost.For more information on the actual cases click here.
On the 26th of May Clearwater Brookes runs the course in understanding the disciplinary process.
Please join Clearwater Brookes Ltd for :A Day of Discipline!

1. Understand the philosophy behind any disciplinary policy.
2. Understand the roles that need to be undertaken.
3. Feel confident about undertaking an investigation and hearing.
4. Stages of the Disciplinary process and managing each stage.
5. The appeal process Discussion on "What if" scenarios.
6. Q & A session with a specialist employment lawyer.
This workshop has been developed to give delegates practical skills and techniques through experiential learning and reflective practices
For more information and to book the tickets click here.
altLike always the year seems to disappear right before our eyes. Just recovered from the festivities around Christmas and New Year and now the Easter bunnies are starting to hop around….

Clearwater Brookes has been busy developing exciting workshops to help you face all the challenges the rest of 2015 might bring!

Get your schedule out and check if you are still free on the 25th of March 2015 between 9am and 5pm to join us in our Disciplinary workshop. We know that implementing the Disciplinary policy correctly is one of the most stressful but most necessary roles for managers, supervisors and HR.
It is imperative that managers at all levels understand how to implement and carry out this process carefully and compliantly. Make sure you are up to speed with the topic before Easter craziness kicks in! For more information and to book now click here and scroll down to see the full information.

We are also providing some free taster sessions in the coming weeks. Our first topic in this category is a topic close to everyone’s heart, in this busy, paced life. Could you benefit from some insight and training in resilience?

This free taster session in Resilience will not steal too much of your time since it will be at lunchtime on the 26th of March 2015 in Glasgow or the 1st of April 2015 in Edinburgh. For more information and to book now click here for Glasgow or click here for Edinburgh and scroll down to see the full information.

The Clearwater Brookes team is looking forward to welcoming you or one of your managers to one of our events. Our March countdown has begun, will you join us…………………

Interested? Contact Donna Bryson on 0141-582-1474 or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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