"Listening for the future is hard work.Leaders must learn how to listen though the noise of a VUCA World of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity"(Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future).

We are in a time of accelerating, disruptive change. The US Army coined the phrase VUCA Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity (VUCA) to describe the challenges they faced in Afghanistan and Iraq. These four words accurately sum up today's business climate. The question is, how well-equipped are leaders to succeed in this new environment, and what are organisations doing–or failing to do–to prepare them? It is clear that the VUCA world presents both dangers and opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors and that something more than traditional leadership training and development is needed.

Leaders who make the future will make sense of the VUCA world and transform Volatility into Vision, Uncertainty into Understanding, Complexity into Clarity, and Ambiguity into Agility. But what skills will allow future leaders to thrive?
Join us for a lunchtime talk in Edinburgh on the 28th January or Glasgow on the 30th January to explore the VUCA forces challenging businesses, what they're doing about it and how you can assess if your people are VUCA ready.

This event is brought to you by a partnership of three organisations: Advance and Develop, Clearwater Brookes and Origin HR Solutions. David Steele, Lesley Malcolm and Stephanie Young have worked at the cutting edge of leadership and change management with around 100 years of experience between them. They have worked in a diverse group of sectors including engineering, aviation, oil and gas, renewables, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, public sector and third sector.

Places are limited so please book early by clicking on the links below which will take you to the booking form on Eventbrite.
Edinburgh Venue
Clydesdale Bank
Edinburgh Plaza
50 Lothian Road
Edinburgh EH3 9BY

Glasgow Venue
Clydesdale Bank Head Office
30 St Vincent Place
Glasgow G1 2HL

A light lunch will be available from 12.15 and the event will start promptly at 12.30 and close at 1.45.
If you need any further information on the event please call us on 0141 582 1474.